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Automatic Roll-Up Sides

Easily adjust the height of your clear plastic down the length of your greenhouse up to 6’ on our bigger greenhouse kits and up to 3’ on our 10’ and 12’ wide frames.

If you’re interested in the next level up from our manual roll up kits, then our automated roll up sides are what you’re looking for. Basically the same setup as our manual roll up kits, but instead of the manual hand crank, this kit comes with motorized roll up motors that are set on a thermostat control.


SKU Product name   Price  
9990005949041 Automatic Roll-Up Sides > 49 ft
  • $1000.00
9990005449041 Automatic Roll-Up Sides 50-79 ft
  • $1150.00
9990005579041 Automatic Roll-Up Sides 80-110 ft
  • $1300.00
9990005959041 Automatic Roll-Up Sides > 111 ft
  • $1500.00