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Manual Roll-Up Sides > 111 ft

Easily adjust the height of your clear plastic down the length of your greenhouse up to 6’ on our bigger greenhouse kits and up to 3’ on our 10’ and 12’ wide frames. These manual roll up side kits are great for cross ventilation and can bring the temperature down in your greenhouse significantly without costing you a thing.


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The clear plastic is secured around a galvanized steel roller bar eliminating any issues with flyaway edges, keeping your plastic snug to your frame no matter what height it’s rolled to, yet still giving you the ability to roll it all the way down and still have a relatively nice seal. And with an easy to use clicking hand crank mechanism, you won’t even notice the weight of the plastic, even if you’re rolling up a hundred feet of it!

The manual roll up cranks mount on floating mounting bars about 8” off of the front of your greenhouse that the crank rolls up and down on, while also attaching to the roller bar that your plastic is fastened to. This allows for a nice smooth roll up and requires no other track or mounting on the far side of your greenhouse.

Our manual roll-up side kits include:

  • Two galvanized steel mounting bars
  • Two galvanized steel roller bars
  • Two hand cranks (one for each length of greenhouse)
  • All hardware included


* This is the same manual roll up kit that is included in our full greenhouse and auto blackout kits. If you already have a greenhouse, we can easily provide just the manual roll up kit customized for your existing structure

Plastic NOT included, see our Premium Plastics & Coverings.