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New Lighting Technology / LED

LEC, LEP and LED are exciting new developments in lighting technology and stocked by Sunlight Supply. Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) technology is available in Sun System’s LEC 315 and LEC 630 series for both hobbyist and commercial applications. Sunlight Supply proudly stocks the Agro LED and Gavita Pro LEP lighting systems. For indoor gardening, hydroponic and aquaponic applications LEC, LEP and LED are important new technologies that require less power but generate impressive results.

SKU Product name   Price  
906200 Sun System LEC 315 Light Emitting Ceramic Fixture
  • $609.95
901575 Philips Mastercolor LEC 315 Lamp
  • $104.95
960415 AgroLED Green Flashlight/Lamp by Feliz
  • $0.00
960438 AgroLED The Hangover
  • $0.00
901418 AgroLED T8 LED Tubes
  • $0.00
906092 Gavita Pro 270e LEP
  • $0.00