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Auto Blackout Gothic Greenhouse Kit 30' x 72' x 11'

All of our Light Depo Blackout Greenhouse kits include: Frame, clear plastic, blackout plastic, manual roll up sides, frame ends, blackout plastic ends, wiggle wire, 3-5 purlins (depending on size), assembly instructions.

Frame: 1.9" diameter, 15 gauge, galvanized steel (4' spacing), 5 purlins.

In stock (1000 items available)
  • $14256.00
  • Power
  • SKU


  • 10' Height
  • 4' spacing between hoops
  • 5 Purlins run length of the frame
  • 1.9” OD 15 gauge galvanized steel
  • One solid end wall.  One 8’ x 8’ tractor access door.  Both end walls remain permanently blacked out.
  • Easy to mount fans and equipment to the end walls.



Black/White 8 mm string-reinforced polyethylene is a film that is manufactured using a mix of virgin polyethylene resins.  The resin is formed into skins that act as the “bread” to the reinforced “sandwich”.  To manufacturer this product we use a black polyethylene skin on one side and a white polyethylene skin on the other.  The black side completely contains light, the white side reflects heat.  The skins encapsulate a grid pattern of polyester yarn, and a hot sheet of polyethylene, to form a very strong three layer product appropriate for multiple applications.  2 year rated film.


Our plastic is manufactured using a blend of the best virgin polyethylene resins formed into two skins. These skins act as the “bread” to the reinforced “sandwich” encapsulating a grid pattern of polyester string and a hot sheet of polyethylene to form a three layer product suitable for multiple applications. With its 1000 denier polyester string the plastic offers excellent tear strength at the string and the open areas between the strings provide outstanding elongation properties.  It is rated for 3-5 years of use and has excellent light transmission.


  • Easily adjust both sides of your greenhouse for desired ventilation.
  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height.
  • The plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges.
  • Easy-to-use hand crank mechanism.
  • Includes 2 galvanized steel roller bars, 2 hand crank mechanisms, mounting bolts.


  • 200 watts of power needed to run system.
  • AC or DC power systems available
  • DC System runs easily on 2 car batteries connected in series, with a trickle charger attached to maintain a full battery charge.


Recommended setup time is between 2-7 days, with 2 people, depending on the size of structure.

Additional supports available with our SUPPORT TRUSSING KIT and EXTREME SUPPORT TRUSSING KIT.
*Baseboards and anchoring are not included.