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Alice in Wonderland 24’x40′ Straight Wall – Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017

With a total solar eclipse comes the inevitable shadow of a mystical and magical environment. This truth is brought to an even higher platform if you’re lucky enough to be engulfed in a Symbiosis Gathering event.

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Oregon Eclipse Gathering – Permaculture Dome

Symbiosis’ Oregon Eclipse Gathering of 2017 was a monumental and cosmic movement of a lifetime. Through collaborative effort and months of planning, Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse was fortunate to be able to take a stake in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon and provide Oregon Eclipse Gathering attendees with not one, but three of our custom built structures.

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Intro to Light Deprivation Greenhouse Growing

light deprivation greenhouses are taking the world of specialized growing by storm

Different from the functions of your average greenhouse, these structures (also called auto blackout systems) are designed for one sole purpose: producing the very best flowers possible from your crop. Here’s a little intro to light deprivation to fill you in–especially if you’re a light deprivation beginner.

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Organic Growing in a Greenhouse

you’ve heard all the hype, and now you want to get down to brass tacks: is growing organically in a greenhouse really a better choice?

Beyond the earth-loving, tree-hugging stuff, what’s in it for the grower? What’s in it for your business and profits if you’re producing commercially, for that matter?

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Explore Your Greenhouse Lighting Options

for the most advanced greenhouse growers, investing in lighting to provide 24/7 nourishment to plants is an important element for business and success. but are all greenhouse lighting options the same?

Your first step in the light exploration process will be looking at all the different greenhouse lighting options out there – and there are certainly plenty to consider. The more you dig into the world of lighting options, you’ll realize just how different the parameters are with each potential choice. Depending on what you grow, as well as your own personal needs as a grower, you’ll want to choose the specific type that is just right for your setup, or at the very least the most versatile types to provide you what you need, exactly when you need it.

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Planting and Landscaping Around Greenhouses

more than anything else, greenhouses provide practical advantages for farmers and hobby growers alike. for the more aesthetic-oriented home grower and gardener, however, how your structure looks is an important part of the picture, too

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