Topic: greenhouse planning

Best Greenhouse Location Tips

you’ve decided you want a greenhouse…next is deciding the best greenhouse location and where to put it.

You know what you want to grow, how you plan on growing it, and you even know full well the amazing advantages for making this transition. Your first questions may be: “Where do I even start? How do I go about this to make sure that my system becomes a success?”

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Should You Companion Plant in a Greenhouse?

gardening and agriculture today are often dominated by one universal growing technique: monoculture. it’s time to break the monotony. 

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Planting and Landscaping Around Greenhouses

more than anything else, greenhouses provide practical advantages for farmers and hobby growers alike. for the more aesthetic-oriented home grower and gardener, however, how your structure looks is an important part of the picture, too

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Build your Greenhouse Right

you know what they say: nothing is ever greater than the sum of its parts. when it comes to the best greenhouse materials, greenhouses are no exception

For something you want to last as long as possible – while also providing efficient growing conditions, protection, and costs for your growing operation or hobby – thinking about the best greenhouse materials that go into the final product is no joke. At a glance, these structures may seem easy to grasp on a material level. It’s just plastic, metal, and some wood, right? In a sense, yes. But when you get into the details, it’s much more complicated than that. Read more