The Permaculture Dome at Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017

Escape into the Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse Permaculture Dome

Oregon Eclipse Gathering – Permaculture Dome

Symbiosis’ Oregon Eclipse Gathering of 2017 was a monumental and cosmic movement of a lifetime. Through collaborative effort and months of planning, Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse was fortunate to be able to take a stake in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon and provide Oregon Eclipse Gathering attendees with not one, but three of our custom built structures.


One of our three custom structures, the Permaculture Dome, was undoubtably the most awe-inspiring dome of the event. The entire Permaculture Dome area was composed of segmented flower and vegetable gardens. The beautifully cultivated garden started outside, as far as 30 yards away from the the dome, and flowed fully into and throughout the interior. Along with the interior garden, there was a centralized, small, tranquil pond paired with design elements such as ornate glass fixtures. All of these elements came together to create the ultimate sacred space that gave people the ability able to walk through, sit down, relax, cool off and very commonly, meditate.


The gardening design team that created the calamity-styled demeanor was lead by #LucyLegan a garden design guru who has absolutely mastered garden artistry. Her and her team executed the gardens wonderfully and were a staple in creating this incredible space.

Beyond that, alongside the Permaculture Dome was the Permaculture Plaza, which held many classes and teachings, including the “Permaculture Intensive” class cultivated by @envisionfestival co-founder, @Stephenrbrooks, and his wife, Sara Wu. It was an honor for us to be partnered into such a progressive area of the festival!

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