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Sunfilm® Blocker Bubble Foil

when growing indoors or in a greenhouse, be prepared to face different challenges than you would in the outside world.

Especially when you’re utilizing grow lights, indoor growing can give you less control over high temperatures than you’d like. Redirecting rays for the greatest efficiency can be difficult without creating those dreaded “hot spots” – pockets of too-high temperatures that radiate from your fixture.

What’s the solution? Blocking light of course, which reduces high temperature. But why not reflect it, put it to good use, and save energy in the meantime, too?


Better than any foil or similar products, the Sunfilm® Sun Blocker brings you a twin solution to hot spot problems: simultaneously blocking light, while also reflecting it in a way that reduces excessively high temperatures. It also refracts rays to the benefit of your indoor growing setup or greenhouse.

  • 3 LAYER TECHNOLOGY – A barrier bubble film is sandwiched between two layers of foil, creating both insulation and reflection.
  • HALT DISEASE – Reduction of hot spots and increased radiance slows down developing bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • CONSERVE – Blocks off 97% of all radiant heat while reflecting it as beneficial photosynthesis for your greenhouse plants.

Manage heat and light problems with brilliance.


Getting Your Greenhouse Ready for Spring

long before the first crocuses and daffodils poke up their heads, growers plan their spring chores and to-do lists

The cold winter months really are a perfect time to relax, stay inside, reflect on the accomplishments of the last growing year, and to plan for the future. Seed catalogues are ordered, planting lists are made, and clean-up chores for greenhouses in spring are well underway, sometimes long before the snow even starts to melt.

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