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Oregon Eclipse Gathering – Permaculture Dome

Symbiosis’ Oregon Eclipse Gathering of 2017 was a monumental and cosmic movement of a lifetime. Through collaborative effort and months of planning, Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse was fortunate to be able to take a stake in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon and provide Oregon Eclipse Gathering attendees with not one, but three of our custom built structures.

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Sunfilm® Blocker Bubble Foil

when growing indoors or in a greenhouse, be prepared to face different challenges than you would in the outside world.

Especially when you’re utilizing grow lights, indoor growing can give you less control over high temperatures than you’d like. Redirecting rays for the greatest efficiency can be difficult without creating those dreaded “hot spots” – pockets of too-high temperatures that radiate from your fixture.

What’s the solution? Blocking light of course, which reduces high temperature. But why not reflect it, put it to good use, and save energy in the meantime, too?


Better than any foil or similar products, the Sunfilm® Sun Blocker brings you a twin solution to hot spot problems: simultaneously blocking light, while also reflecting it in a way that reduces excessively high temperatures. It also refracts rays to the benefit of your indoor growing setup or greenhouse.

  • 3 LAYER TECHNOLOGY – A barrier bubble film is sandwiched between two layers of foil, creating both insulation and reflection.
  • HALT DISEASE – Reduction of hot spots and increased radiance slows down developing bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • CONSERVE – Blocks off 97% of all radiant heat while reflecting it as beneficial photosynthesis for your greenhouse plants.

Manage heat and light problems with brilliance.


Americover New Blackout Fabric

enjoy one of the bestselling, highest-rated blackout cover options in the light deprivation greenhouse industry: Americover new blackout fabric.

Light deprivation is one of the edgiest and most modern growing methods in greenhouse agriculture today. To make sure it all happens right, you’ll need to rely on only the highest quality tools out there for your system.

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Intro to Light Deprivation Greenhouse Growing

light deprivation greenhouses are taking the world of specialized growing by storm

Different from the functions of your average greenhouse, these structures (also called auto blackout systems) are designed for one sole purpose: producing the very best flowers possible from your crop. Here’s a little intro to light deprivation to fill you in–especially if you’re a light deprivation beginner.

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Light Deprivation Greenhouse Accessories

light deprivation greenhouses are all about having more control over one’s operation…

…in particular, control over important natural elements that growers wouldn’t have otherwise. For the most ambitious of producers, these systems and structures will allow the manipulation of periods of light and darkness to grow the very best flower crops possible. It’s truly amazing science; even better, it’s simple to learn.

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Tips for Successful Light Deprivation Greenhouse Growing

you’ve just made the decision to switch to light deprivation growing – and you want to master the seasons

First off: props for making the transition to today’s edgiest, most modern and competitive growing method of our time. Once you’ve invested in your kit and you’re ready to build though, your first question may be: “what’s next?”

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Flowers and the Science of Light Deprivation

light deprivation harnesses the forces of nature, bringing you the highest quality lucrative flowering crops on the market today

Ever heard of light deprivation greenhouses? Before you invest in one of these masterful modern powerhouses for your business (or hobby), you might want to fully acquaint yourself with how these systems work.

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Best Plants for Light Deprivation Greenhouses

growers today master amazing technology to get ahead of the horticultural curve: light deprivation

A method for producing high quality, beautiful flowering plants is finally here. Farmers and gardeners alike use it to manipulate light and darkness, making their flower crops available any time of year – and without any negative environmental impact.

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Light Traps: Promote Airflow, Preserve Blackout

don’t sacrifice perfect blackout for the sake of airflow – both are equally desired and important.

Light deprivation is designed to completely blot out the sun, manifest autumn, and encourage first-rate blooms on your flowering crops and in your auto blackout greenhouse. But flowers face a dilemma in these conditions: too much dark and damp creates breeding grounds for disease in your structure, putting your precious crop at risk.

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Perks of Light Deprivation

auto blackout extends night hours and mimics winter sunlight periods, certain commercial flowering crops can be encouraged to flower at any time of year – meaning you can control when your harvests happen, and even grow for multiple harvests per year…

People who make the switch to light deprivation growing come from all walks of life and many different backgrounds in farming and gardening. They could be hobby growers looking to ramp up their favorite flowering plant’s output. Or they could be entrepreneurs ready to take that next big step to enhance their businesses! Read more