Alice in Wonderland Greenhouse - Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017

An escape into our Alice in Wonderland themed Greenhouse at Oregon Eclipse Gathering

Alice in Wonderland 24’x40′ Straight Wall – Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017

With a total solar eclipse comes the inevitable shadow of a mystical and magical environment. This truth is brought to an even higher platform if you’re lucky enough to be engulfed in a Symbiosis Gathering event.

The pure energy and artistic enlightenment that pairs with a high-capacity event, such as that of the Oregon Eclipse Gathering of 2017, is one that cannot be fabricated in any different environment. There is an immeasurable amount fantasy, curiosity, and desire of manifestation that is embraced and reinforced by each and every station an attendee passes through. Luckily, Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse was able to create a space that endeared all of those elements with our Alice in Wonderland Greenhouse.

The initial idea was simple, provide a spot for people to escape into that both separates them from the outside world and connects them with their inner self. With the immense assistance of Lucy Legan, gardening design master, and her entire gardening design team, the idea of a whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed Greenhouse blossomed and came to life… all within the boundaries of an EKG 24’x40′ Straight-Wall Greenhouse.


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