Perks of Light Deprivation

auto blackout extends night hours and mimics winter sunlight periods, certain commercial flowering crops can be encouraged to flower at any time of year – meaning you can control when your harvests happen, and even grow for multiple harvests per year…

People who make the switch to light deprivation growing come from all walks of life and many different backgrounds in farming and gardening. They could be hobby growers looking to ramp up their favorite flowering plant’s output. Or they could be entrepreneurs ready to take that next big step to enhance their businesses! Read more


Build your Greenhouse Right

you know what they say: nothing is ever greater than the sum of its parts. when it comes to the best greenhouse materials, greenhouses are no exception

For something you want to last as long as possible – while also providing efficient growing conditions, protection, and costs for your growing operation or hobby – thinking about the best greenhouse materials that go into the final product is no joke. At a glance, these structures may seem easy to grasp on a material level. It’s just plastic, metal, and some wood, right? In a sense, yes. But when you get into the details, it’s much more complicated than that. Read more


Benefits of Greenhouse Growing

regardless of where you’re at with your growing career or passion, taking the next step towards a greenhouse can provide some enormous benefits, far beyond what other types of indoor or outdoor growing can provide.

You’ve found the perfect article to give you the many benefits of greenhouse growing, while you’re at it. Still, greenhouse growing can seem daunting. You may tell yourself: “I’m not a builder or a carpenter.” Or: “Equipment and parts are expensive! I can’t afford that for my business or my hobby.” Or maybe you even think: “Greenhouse growing is a completely different approach to growing. I don’t think I’m ready for it.” Read more