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Greenhouse kits for every grower

Whether your goal is to grow quality food for your family or you want to start or expand a business, our versatile greenhouses will simplify the process. With affordable prices and eco-conscious options, there is simply no reason to pass on an Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse kit. Select from Automated Blackout greenhouses, Smart greenhouses, and more to ensure you can grow exactly what you want. At Emerald Kingdom Greenhouses, we have everything you need to get started.

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Our Smart Greenhouses allow you to grow more efficiently while reducing the amount of time you spend in the greenhouse. We’ve simplified the grow process, delivering a convenient, efficient, and hassle-free option. Calculate your growing specifications and manage your plants through the digital control center. Sensors and actuators are managed via cloud-based software.


Not only can you control your environment from a remote location, but you can also program your greenhouse to emulate particular climates. Control temperature, light, moisture, and air to advance food production. Corrective measures are simple when you optimize growing with our light deprivation greenhouse or smart greenhouse.


Double poly-roof covering, customizable structures, and mechanized greenhouses may sound expensive but Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse knows how to fit around every budget. Take advantage of our easy quote system and discover the value that defines our company vision.



Discover our FRAME KITS

Harness the darkside.

ECLIPSE Auto Blackout Light Deprivation

Create an autumn darkness inside your greenhouse any hour of the day - any day of the year. Our Eclipse System comes fully automated or manual controlled roll-up.

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Finding the Right Greenhouse.

Enjoy endless variety and maximum diversity when shopping for the right greenhouse for your needs.

We offer every size, system, and type necessary for today's world of growers. If you're looking for rapid growth, opt for the Eclipse Auto-Blackout kit. Light deprivation causes the plant to think that the light cycle is shorter than it is, thus accelerating crop growth. All that is required are a few simple tools and a ladder to go along with the motors and timers which operate the blackout system.

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Greenhouse kits for every grower.

If propagation is more your speed, select a greenhouse framing kit.

Great as a starter house or for beginner farmers, these kits provide year-round production. Of course smart greenhouses and standard greenhouses are also available for those who may have more specific framing ideas. Dome structures, shade structures, and system packages are all great ways to either get your start in the farming industry or further your connection to nature. Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse also has you covered for all your accessory needs. From coverings to garden supplies and ventilation, find everything you're looking for with one simple click.


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